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Sneak Peak

I'm such a bad planner sometimes. I'm impulsive. I'm impulsive about a lot of things, but I love to have a plan. Confused? Me too. I change my plans, and then expect people to keep up with me because I've  spoken out loud about the changes I've made. Even if I've gone over a couple of different scenarios. I can keep up.....can't everyone? :)

So as to the chili recipe....sorry. Plans changed. :) I'll share it next week. Steve suggested that I show you guys a sneak preview of the laundry room, which is coming along. Its taking a little longer than I anticipated because  I found a project that I've asked Stephen to help me with, and a sinus infection has decided to come visit me.

Anyways on to the show. Here are your sneak peeks!  I'm sorry to say that if  you're a fan of Straight Stitches on Facebook then you've seen two of these pictures, but the third is brand new.
I had such grand plans for all of the oops paint I've collected over the months. I couldn't tell you what the names of the colors are, but the white is the builder's stuff that the entire house is painted in. I was really hopeful about the yellow, because its such a great contrast to the blue/green, but after two failed attempts to get nice crisp lines off the stencil, I ended up taking a damp paper towel to the wet paint and cleaning up as much of it as possible before touching up the wall paint. I did think to snap a picture before wiping it all off though. :-)

So here's the new treatment for the border. Its not a very good picture is it? I should really improve my picture-taking skills. :) 

The skills still have not improved. :) But as you can see nickel is the metal for the room. :) 

I hope you guys have thoroughly enjoyed enduring my picture-taking skills :) Have a great day guys and craft something!

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