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I have been so good about my posts. I have been at least 2 weeks ahead for the last month. Until now. I mean I do have a post, but its not the post I planned on putting up. The post I planned on putting up may get shelved for a bit. Like 4 days. Well 3 days now.

I'm also disappointed. Disappointed that I am no longer ahead on posts and that none of the projects I'm working on are going very smoothly, hence why I've run out of posts. I was doing things so well. Getting stuff knocked out. Already working on Easter gifts for the boys. I was doing it! Till now. Ugh.

Here's why I titled this post Chaos.
This is after I moved everything from the back counters to the island. I did this because of this:
I was even prepared. Coffee and soda! Go me. Yay for being caffeine conscious.
This should have been straight forward. Who knew that slate wouldn't break easily. It nipped ok, but nipping can only go so far. This was the last picture before we entered hell. There are also only maybe 4 more tiles up as of right from this picture. Outlets suck.
We then cleaned up. Cleaning up what mastic, marble chips and slate pieces were left, and throwing them away.

I am going to go back to Lowe's and rent a tile saw. Take that slate.

PS - Mom, Steve, Thank you.


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