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So remember this post? You know the one where our evening went to hell in a hand basket in about 5 minutes. So the next day was the zoo. It was an epic fail. I mean like #fail. We were there a total of 2 hours. There was no parking, we ended up parking in a residential neighborhood and hoofing it. Then it was packed. P-A-C-K-E-D. DC schools were out and everyone was at the zoo, so we saw the big cats. That's it before our good mood was shot and we said...we'll try again in a week or two. But here are some shots of our short 2 hour visit.

7 new lion cubs! They're bigger than I figured they'd be. 
 Here's our poor small fry all bandaged up. He's in a good mood....he's sitting in a big person chair. :) Before he decided to face plant onto the pavement from the wagon. Luckily, he was not hurt further.
 Here's our big guy! He's so silly. :) Love his shirt. So does he. I totally rocked that mushroom. :)
 2 hours took a lot out of both boys, but never in a million years could I sleep like that.
Here's small fry snoozing too. He had such a rough night. You can see the bruising and swelling here too. Such a trooper though. Don't you love his Bobby Brady hair? :) 

Well I'm not going to leave you guys with that sob story. Want to see the state of my master bath as I try to figure out the game plan to making it perfect?! Of course you do! 
 Guess which color is going up. Oh and those are not our usual towels. Our towels are being washed, so those are the crappy towels that used to be our good towels.
 The remains of our hamper, and the box that the candle sconces came in. Wow, I should probably through that all away.
 Pretty sconces! Love my tub. Hate the blase' of the windows. They need something. If only I knew someone who did stained glass. AHEM. *cough* MOM!
 More colors. Those windows I showed you earlier. Yea, they get ALL the morning sun. So I needed to put the paint every where to get the greater effect. Oh and I hate that mirror, light fixture and all the crap on the counter. Um, and I hate the vanity cabinets. So what I like about the bathroom? The tub, shower and the windows.

So that's what my bathroom looks like right now. I mean seriously, right now. I took those pictures about 2 minutes before I wrote this post. 

Have a great day guys! Next week is baseball {Red Sox} week, because opening day is April 1! I made a bunch of shirts for the guys and gal to wear and I can't wait to show them off. :) 

Have a great day!

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