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Love that Dirty Water!

So Friday is opening day for the Red Sox. The boys are playing the Rangers, I'm getting ready to don my mourning colors, because I will once again be a baseball widow. I really hate April through October, because the conversation will now include the highs and lows of every Red Sox game/player/injury and error. LE SIGH

However, the men of the house are very excited about the game similar to Rounders and in their outnumbered honored here is the beginning to a week long tribute to them.

I made shirts for each of us to celebrate {mourn} the Sox and their season; since I only have pictures of Harrison's shirt so far, that's who I'm going to share with you. :)

So without further ado - Here's small fry rockin' his Dirty Water. :)

 Target had shirts on sale a week or so ago, so I stocked up. :) I love the green on H. It brings out the green in his pretty hazel eyes. He gets those from his Daddy and his Granddaddy. :) Oh yea...did you see my oops? Well if you don't notice it then I'm not going to point it out. :)
Tomorrow's batter is Devlin!

Hope you guys liked the small fry's tribute to the Charles. :)

Have a great day and see ya tomorrow!


  1. "...Oh, Boston you're my home!"

  2. So cute. Start em early.

  3. Cute t-shirt - and even cuter kid!! :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success