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New Job for an Old Window

I love old windows.

So I have a lot, I mean A LOT of old windows. I picked up about 23 of them at an estate auction last year.

I have used 4 of them for projects so far. The hubs wants me to clear the windows out.

So I took one of the more beat up window frames, the glass was gone, and decided that I needed some love for above my computer monitor in my nifty new computer closet. :)

Along with my window frame, I had the hubs cut three 1/4" plywood panels to fit inside the window spaces, and then grabbed my cork board contact paper stuff, some low loft batting, a fat quarter, some ribbon, and my stapler and a glue gun. The picture below is not a good representation of what you're about to see.
Oh and the pictures for this how-to end here, until the finished product. It might be the worst tute ever. :)

So I cut down my corkboard to fit the panels, then just adhered it to the wood. Easy Peasy.

For the padded memo board, I wrapped the batting and the fat quarter around the wood panel. Yanked out my stapler and then went to town around the edges. I did make sure to stretch everything nice and tight.

Next the glue gun and ribbon came out. I kind of eyeballed where to put the first 45 degree ribbon and then went from there. Hot gluing one edge first and then pulling the ribbon taut and gluing the other edge down.

I used an entire roll of ribbon for this.

After all of that work, I pushed the panels into the openings of the frame and then stapled everything in.  Add picture hanging stuff of your choice and . . . VOILA!

Insta - fun over my monitor. It's also quite handy at holding things. :)

Here's a close up of my pictures, cause I know you want to know who they are. Obv the photo strip is Dev and Steve. I should really put a picture of Harrison too. :) The gorgeous lady with the dog is my Mom and our first dog, Patches. Then the handsome fella in the uniform is my Daddy! He's sporting his Hargrave uniform :)

So that's what I did last night after the kids were fast asleep. :) One more window saved, and only 18 or so left to do something with.

I hope you guys have a great day!

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