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Who'd have thunk?

We got a late start - 10:30 to be exact.
And decided to take a  road trip that was 12 hours long.

Maybe not our best thought since it was 11 when we got home, but we saw some terrific things along the way.

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So we started on I-65 N, then hopped onto the Martha Layne Collins / Bluegrass Pkwy, and followed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to Lexington, KY. 

We must have passed at least 8 distilleries, the Corvette Museum and Abe Lincoln's birthplace. 
It such a nice drive. Then we came across this castle
We didn't know it at the time, but this is Castle Post. You can check it out HERE. :) 
After Lexington, we picked up I-64 and continued our drive east. 
We picked up I-79 in Huntington, WV and continued on to Charleston, WV. Then the fun began. :) 
We took Route 33 East and hooked up with WV 55 (which turns into VA 55). 
We went through Monongahela National Forest, and past Seneca Rocks.
Up and down 8, 9 and 10% grades, and went over two small hills that were 3,190 and 3,295 feet above sea level. ;-)
We saw some gorgeous mountain views and eventually started following this little creek. It grew gradually bigger as we came out of the mountains, and eventually we crossed over it. Guess what river it was. 
Didja guess? It was the Potomac. :) How freaking cool was that, because we've only crossed it about a million times on I-495 and I-66. 
So we finally made it to I-81, and then 3 short miles to I-66 and home. Luckily, we only had to get to exit 40 before getting back to Gainesville. 
It was an incredibly long ride, but Mom and I had so much fun, and I would love to do it again! Maybe next time I'll break it up into a 2 day ride instead of pushing through in one day. :) 
See you guys tomorrow!

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