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And here's the snag....

Today was super frustrating.......SUPER FRUSTRATING!

Yes, it needed saying twice.

Woke up in a less than stellar mood because Harrison was being super needy and decided that he would no longer use the chest at the end of the bed to climb up and snuggle with me. No, he decided that whining was the way to go. Awesome.

7:22 is when I roll out of bed and head downstairs to feed the natives. Harrison decides that the table looks better painted in milk. Devlin has developed a hearing problem. I'm having to repeat myself multiple times.

9:03 is when I'm standing in line while the gals at the Wegman's coffee shop are making up some oh so delicious peppermint mocha for me. Harrison is having a smoothie and Dev is munching on a lollipop (the bank teller indulged him). All is well. For now.

10:30ish. Kids are in the car. Car is on. I'm loading up groceries into the back of the car, and then the lady who is parked next to me tells me she's wedged her car against Dev's open door. I don't know why Dev's door was open. Honestly, I thought it was closed, but the poor woman is upset because she thought she had looked. Never fear! I suggest that she back her car up so that the motion closes the door and thus frees said door. She does it. It works. I'm a genius. Back to loading those damn groceries.

By 11 I'm starting my prep for painting. All the food has been put away and the kids are watching a movie. Taping and cleaning commences. Then lunch, and finally around 1 and I start painting. The hallway is going to look amazing :)

4:30 pm - I've got the bigger half (the side with more wall space) cut in and the first coat of paint on. Yay! \


The boys have swim lessons at 5:50 and they're hungry, and I have to drive to the other side of Warrenton. Leftovers it is!  Dinner was a debacle in itself. I won't bore you with its intricacies, but suffice to say by the end of it I was willing to sell/give both boys to the highest bidder.

5:45 - we arrive at the Rec Center and haul into the facility to change for Harrison's class. Mom meets us there. We end up being late, but both boys had a terrific class and milkshakes were had by all.

9:00ish - Children are in bed and asleep or very close to it! Finally - MOM TIME! I finish cutting in the other side of the hallway and then use up the rest of the gallon to just get to the study. Oh, and I notice this fun tidbit on the wall.
That is the last full wall I completed before breaking for dinner. I never noticed that Harrison had paint on his hands, and there is no evidence that he touched anything before being called to the table for dinner. I may frame this, because every time I walked by it, I chuckled- a lot.

10:45 - I'm busting open the other gallon, and I think to myself, "Well this doesn't look right. It's too ugly." Well I was right. Here's what the last gallon of  paint looks like against the other gallons.
Definitely not the same color.


I'm now being forced into a furlough because of a mistint. LE SIGH! Which is why I'm writing this post now.

I hope you guys had a better day than me!

Here's to a better tomorrow!

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  1. Those handprints really sum up the experience of being a mom to boys, don't they? Glad your humour remained intact after a rough day.