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I warned you...

That post title sounds very daunting doesn't it? Well it's not.

I promise.

I warned the folks that 'like' Straight Stitches on Facebook that I'd be bringing back a post today, because I have nothing to offer up. Well nothing  that is done.

In other news - I joined a gym, and I hurt. I've gone every day since Tuesday and the 'ole muscles are telling me about it, but its all good. I am getting healthy, and healthy me knows that its worth the pain and sweat. :)

I decided to link up the post that I linked too yesterday. The quilled 'B' post. So without further ado - Here it is!

So I know that ya'll are expecting to see my completed picture wall done, and it is done. Buuuut I'm not going to show it to you just yet. THHHHHPPPP! Sorry....H has been blowing raspberries for forever, but this week they're extra drooly, so I thought I'd share {aren't I sweet? :-P}

I am also going to share with you the epiphany I had when Jan of Bobbypins Boardwalk commented that I should include more than just photos. Not only did a light bulb go off, but the entire lighting department. First, some history, a while back I saw this post linked up somewhere {sorry I cannot remember where} and knew I had to do this. Yes, I'm going to make you go to her blog, because 1) I'm in an ornery mood, 2) she's got a really nice blog and you should check it out and 3) I'm ornery. Did I repeat myself? :-)

So here's what I accomplished from her inspiring post. :)  Oh yes....I'm making you scroll to the bottom to see the final product. :)
 Lots of 1/4" strips and one 8x10 sheet with a B printed on it. Oh how I wish that the first letter of my last name did not have any curves. To all of you with first letters of your last names that don't include a curve.....You're so damn lucky, but I would absolutely do this project again. IN.A.HEARTBEAT. 

 There aren't a lot of corners to be utilized in a B, but luckily since this was sized for a 4x6 I got away with only using 2 strips. Starting and stopping at corners makes this process much easier. Also I ended up gluing my curves piece meal. I paint some modge podge onto the outline then press the paper into it, gently following the outline, and at the curves I worked in smaller sections, because the paper wanted to do one thing, and I wanted it to do something else. 

 So here is she is in her outlined glory. I chose to do the outline in a shade of paper that was similar to the background, but I found neon colored papers in my scrapbook stash and I have two nieces! Guess who's already brainstorming for Christmas?

 I've started adding the coils to the letter. I'll tell you what.....working on a larger picture  would have been easy. There was not much room in some of those spots. 

 Here she is almost done. You can see where I added the outline of where the mat would go (I had an 8x10 frame matted for 5x7). I should have added this outline first, but c'est la vie. It all worked out. 

 Here she is all framed and matted. You can see the still-drying-glue. Yes, I was that impatient. :) 

Here's just another shot of her. In.Love. I must do more of these. It was fun, relaxing and I got to play with glue and paper. 

Here she is hanging. Oh, you'll just have to wait for tomorrow's post to see the rest of the grouping. :) BTW, in case you didn't notice....the glass is behind the picture, but a shadow box is another option. Since I'm thinking of making some of these for my barrier between them and the paper would be a very good idea indeed. :) 

I hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't believe you made that - not that I doubt your skills - but you made it sound so easy and it looks so hard!!!

    Great job!

  2. I love your monogram, it's so beautiful.

    I've made a couple of these myself using Craftastical's tutorial and I agree that they're addicting.