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Friday and Saturday.....

Friday was a good  day.

We did Pilates again and I was pretty happy with the my performance. I was able to transition from a modified plank to downward facing dog as smoothly as I've ever been able to.

All in all - I'm quite happy with how my balance and flexibility are coming along.

Friday night, for some god forsaken reason, I talked to my girlfriend and we agreed that we felt we could do with some more cardio. So we decided to meet up at the gym for an 8:30 class of BodyStep.

It might have the been the worse class ever. For some reason I wasn't feeling it. I wasn't graceful, and I'm certain that part  of it has to do with the fact that I woke up at  7:50 and had 10 minutes to get ready and out the door. I didn't have breakfast and I didn't end up eating until 1 pm, which has ended up with me having a headache because I didn't eat.

I also didn't like the instructor's approach today. I think that if I were to do a Saturday class, I'd like it to be Zumba with Dana.

Dana is intense, but the class we had with her on Wednesday was so much fun that the pain from it has been forgotten.

Off to celebrate a friend's birthday with bbq! Yay!

See you guys later.

Oh and I'll be doing my weigh-in tomorrow morning, since my ever faithful small alarm clock was absent this AM.

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