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Me from A to Z

So I saw this cute post the other day from Along for the Ride, and now I want to do one.

So here goes!!!

A. age: 29 for a few more weeks!

B. bed size: king

C. chore you hate: cleaning  bathrooms

D. dogs: yep - two of them. Anyone want them??  I kid, sort of. :) Jackson is 10 and Carries is 5.

E. essential start to your day: Um, it used to be coffee, but now its usually a bowl of cereal.

F. favorite color: PINK!!!

G. gold or silver: both

H. height: 6'2"

I. instruments you play: cello

J. job title: Mom Extraordinaire!!

K. kids: 2 adorably aggravating boys

L. live: in a house

M. maiden name: Smith, I kept my middle name. 

N. nicknames: Pooh Bear

O. overnight hospital stays: yep - 3 total.

P. pet peeve: stupidity, the word - huh, having to repeat myself

Q. quote
"Talk softly and carry a big stick" Theodore Roosevelt

R. righty or lefty: right for everything, left for some things

S. siblings: yep. 2 sisters, they're twins. 

T. time you wake up: at about 6:18 to put on H's shoes. He seems to think he needs to wear them with his  pajamas. Then I go back to bed till between 7 and 9. 

U. university attended: I went for 1 year Northern Virginia Community College 

V. vegetables you dislike: carrots, peppers, celery

W. what makes you run late: the children

X. x-rays you’ve had: both wrists, right knee, left elbow, my spine

Y. yummy food: practically everything, but especially my Mom's mashed potatoes and Stephen's scrambled eggs. :) 

Z. zoo animal favorite: panda bears


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