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Let's Brainstorm!!!

So having a Mickey Mouse themed birthday is not new, and there are tons of ideas floating out there, but here are a few of my favorite ideas that I've pinned recently, plus one blog post that I'm absolutely in love with. :)

So here are some of my ideas that I've pinned - We'll start with the cake ideas. :)
I am in love with this cake topper. I love how festive it is! Although Harrison is a very long name to fit on stars at the top of a cake. :)

Look how nice and simplistic this is. I like the marbling that the fondant has, and I love Toodles on the top. :)

 These two cakes are equal on the love scale. I love  the colors in both. I love the relatively simplistic nature of the both of them. And I love that I could easily do them. :)

The hubs is in love with this one, and I have to say I am too. I love the dimension and depth to it. Now all we have to figure out is how to combine all the awesomeness of these cakes into one cake. Wish us luck. :)

On to decorating. :)
Isn't this a great idea as the entrance to the party? I may have to do something on a different scale for H's party, but this has got the wheels churning. :)

So I also mentioned a blog post. I found this on through Tip Junkie. Its from Life with Lulu and Junebug... and Carter too! - Oh "Two"dles! It's Carter's Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

I have to be honest here and say if I could copy everything from this party - I would. ESPECIALLY this birthday banner. Her mom made it. How amazingly great is that?
Seriously!?!?! This banner makes me want to have a Mickey Mouse birthday party.

I am also going to flat out copy this topiary. I already bought the black tissue paper too.

Suffice to say - I'm going to have a blast decorating for H's party, and a run to the $1 Store is being planned as we speak for tonight.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this idea-filled post, and I can't wait to show you guys the final result - On the first blog post of October. :) I'm making you guys wait. I'm so sweet, aren't I?

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