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Lucky Number 13!

So remember when I was lamenting not having lost much weight and I was getting frustrated? Well really it wasn't even about the weight loss, but its was just a lack of results in general?

I am not complaining any more! I am so happy with the changes I've begun to see.

I'm down 13 pounds, but more importantly my waist has decided to show back up. Not to mention some tone to my arms, and my hips! I can suck in my tummy without getting winded and I'm super excited about my trainer meeting on Friday with Dana! (yep that Dana) :)

I should take some new pictures for you guys, maybe I'll get on that this week. :)

Oh and I've upped  my weights again, so I'm excited about that, and we've started running and are doing a 5k in December. Fun times!


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