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Me: A to Z

I saw this post a while ago at Along for the Ride and I knew that I wanted to do one too. :) So here's my version. :) 
I've decided to grow out my hair - if only it would listen as well as it did this day. :) 

A. age: 29 (for a few more weeks!)

B. bed size: king, and sometimes it's still not big enough.

C. chore you hate: All of them? Mostly just cleaning the bathroom. 

D. dogs: Yep -2 big ole mutts that mostly lovable. 

E. essential start to your day: coffee. 

F. favorite color: PINK!

G. gold or silver: both

H. height: 6' 3" - I grew an inch! 

I. instruments you play: cello

J. job title: CEO of the house and all things Mom!

K. kids: 2 boys! 

L. live: Virginia

M. maiden name: A really common one. :)  

N. nicknames: Pooh Bear (thanks Dad!) 

O. overnight hospital stays: yep, 3 times!  

P. pet peeve: stupidity

Q. quote
: Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far - Teddy Roosevelt

R. righty or lefty: mostly right

S. siblings: yeppers, 2 sisters

T. time you wake up: the kids wake me up around 6:30, but I get out of bed around 7:30

U. university attended: Did not. Took a few classes at NoVA though. 

V. vegetables you dislike: carrots and peppers, raw tomatoes

W. what makes you run late: the children

X. x-rays you’ve had: a lot. dentist, both wrists, both knees, my spine, my elbow, and probably some that I'm forgetting about. 

Y. yummy food: Anything FRIED! 

Z. zoo animal favorite: Peacocks! 
See you guys tomorrow! 


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