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Making Progress and Meeting Goals

I have nothing crafty to share right now. I've got two projects that are half done.

I made a pattern today (following directions) for some Boo Bags (my name for them) and then I started a Halloween shirt for Harrison. So I will have things to share tomorrow, but I did want to share something I accomplished!

I don't know how many of you guys remember my other blog (Muffin Top), which not surprisingly is about getting healthy and losing weight.

Thursday will mark 90 days of my girlfriend and I going to the gym. I'm so very proud of us! We have sweated our butts off trying to get healthy, not focusing on our weight (too much) and just working at getting toned and increasing our stamina.

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend says that we should do a 5k and that she and another friend were already signed  up for the Hot Chocolate 5k on Dec. 3rd at National Harbor. Well I was supposed to register and do it with them, but we had a plumbing issue and I wasn't about to spend money on wants when my kitchen ceiling needed to be repaired along with the pipes (maybe) so I did not register, and the day before I was going to register the 5k race sells out.


So I am still going with them, for moral support, but I was pretty bummed that I missed the chance at my first 5k. I was still training though, because I do want to do one. So my first goal was just to get one done. I have never ever run a 5k so about 2 weeks ago I took the plunge. I ran my first 5k on the treadmill at the gym. I did not do too badly, I think. I ran a 16:41 mile and it took about 52 minutes. I paced myself pretty well, but it did take a lot of effort and by the end of it I was toast. In between the 5k treks, I try to vary my cardio up by doing Zumba and running the treadmill on Alpine Pass. I set a pretty decent incline and keep my max pace at my max running speed (4.2 mph).

Since that first 5k, I have run it 4 more times, and each time I have improved. I set goals for myself each week regarding the 5k. The first goal was to get under 50 minutes, and I finished my 2nd 5k in about 47 minutes, and had a 15:01 mile.

I started having some setbacks then. My calves started hurting really badly, cramping even when I wasn't running. My runs started hurting and it was becoming a chore to run, but I pushed through and still did my runs. Pain and all. I ran outside for the first time last week, and actually kept a good pace. I thought I did terrible, but averaged a 15:26 pace with all of the hills and what not. Not to shabby.

So today was another 5k day. My goal for the last two weeks has been to get under a 15 min/mile, but my goal this week is to also get under a 45 minute 5k. Today I also had some new inserts in my shoes, to help with my calf cramps. I have a low arch, and I over-pronate so my calf and knees take most of the impact and that's what I think was hurting. I was psyched to try them out and run pain free.

So I set my pace this morning, and end up finishing my 5k this morning with a 14:49 min/mile average and finishing it in 45:51. I need to shave a minute off my time to meet my goal this week, but I am finally under 15 min/mile and I am so excited about it! I ended up running 2.5 miles of the run today and only power walking .6 of it. And I'm pain free! That's the best part!

So tomorrow I will do the Alpine Pass again, and work the hills and get my stamina up. So that's what I accomplished today, and I'm super proud of myself. :)

Oh and I think I found a race that I am going to register for - Jingle Bell Run/Walk in Baltimore. I'm excited. I'm thinking I'm going to have wear a Santa hat or antlers or something. I am going to have to be festive. Even better this run benefits all the sufferers of arthritis.

So wish me  luck. I still have one goal to go, but I'm certain I can get it done.


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