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No Bones About It.....

When Dev was Harrison's age, he was humongous. He was wearing 4T clothes, but he did have some super cute ones.  Especially when it came to the holidays, but because Dev was so much bigger than H at this age, I don't have a lot of cute ones. When Dev was a year old (and wearing 2T) I didn't want to put him in bones and bats, etc for Halloween, so I don't have anything for H to wear this Halloween.

So my poor little small fry is lacking in the funny Halloween shirt department, but no longer!

Hopefully I'll snap a picture of him actually wearing it, but here's the creation as it lies on my coffee table. :)

Last year this was a free shape from Silhouette, and I never did anything with it, so when it came time for Halloween this year - I knew just what I was going to do with it. I cut it out on freezer paper and then painted away.

The bones are painted from white velveteen paint, and the heart is done in metallic red.

I cannot wait to see H in this shirt. I might have him wear it on Saturday, when we visit my grandmother and do our pumpkins. I need to make Dev a Halloween shirt now....I was going through his drawers this morning and realized he too is missing a Halloween shirt. A Momma's work is never done. :)

See you guys later!

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