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Today was a good day

So yesterday after my run, I hurt. I hurt a lot. A. LOT.

Its been forever since I ran that far. I used to run track in high school. You know like 12-14 years ago, but seeing as how I haven't run track since I could drive....that makes it 15 years. ouch.

So today I knew I was going to take it easy. I worked my back, and that felt really good. I'm still working on my left arm, and getting it to the point where it and the right arm can lift the same weight, but otherwise the weight stuff was really good, and I felt good after doing it.

Then I hopped on a treadmill. I was not going to do the 5k loop again, so I ponied up and just started to briskly walk, but then I had a better idea. I'm going to put on the alpine pass routine.

I like the alpine pass routine because of the inclines. It makes me work harder, but since I'm setting the max incline and what not its not like I'm programming it for me to fail.

So I punched in a max incline of 4.5 and a max speed of 4.2, and off I went. I had 30 minutes to kill and boy did I. :)

I ended up finishing my 32 minute trek (2 minute cool down) with an average mile of 16:40, same as yesterday, and an average speed of 3.6. I'm pretty happy with those stats. I ended up running 1.9 miles in 32 minutes, which also makes me feel pretty good.

I feel like I should get extra brownie points for the incline though. Most of the 4.5 incline was at a 3.6 speed, which is a brisk walk for me, but the flat areas, which still had a .5 incline were at 4.2. I did have to slow down every now and again, because I did get another cramp, but it was not as bad as yesterday's so I'm going to put a point down for progress there. :)

Overall - I'm pretty happy with my performance today, but I am looking forward to tomorrow when its BodyFlow, because the stretching will be just what the doctor ordered.

See you guys later!

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