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Toodles Decoration

So I told you guys yesterday that making the Toodles decorations was super simple.

What's even better is that the can be made with stuff you might have around the house. I had all of this stuff around the house so at one time it cost me something, but I'm going to ring it up at $0 since none of this stuff was actually bought for this decoration. :)

So I started off with two pot lids, poster board, a pencil, scissors and some red paint.
I used the pot lids as the basis for the Toodles template. I really just eyeballed the design and then traced. Once I had one done and cut out, I used the template to create all the rest. Its that easy!
After they were all cut out - the red paint comes out. Luckily it dries really quickly so I didn't have to wait too long before being able to paint the other side.
Then I just hung them up with curling ribbon and then added some more curling ribbon to the end and called it a day. :)

See super simple!


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