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Catch Up!

Its been such a busy few weeks around here.

The hubs went away on business, the kids came down with pneumonia, then Dev had this whole virus appendix thing, but hopefully things are starting to settle down. Hopefully.

Dev is back at school today. We got discharged from the hospital yesterday evening, and after an early doc appointment this morning, Devlin was giving a mostly clean bill of health. He has to stay hydrated or else his tummy will start hurting again, but other than that we just have to let time heal his poor little belly.

Harrison and Dev are now both pneumonia free, but H may have another infection, caused by the antibiotics from his pneumonia, so we're waiting on more test results for him.

Steve has recovered, mostly, from his illness, and thankfully - I AM NOT SICK!

I got a lot of stuff done before Halloween that I wasn't able  to share with you guys, but I'm going to now!

 Here are my guys rocking their Halloween shirts! Dev's just has a swarm of bats on it, coming up from the left bottom corner and then swooping up. Harrison's is the skeleton with the glitterfied heart. Don't they look cute!?
Here are all my guys during our pumpkin carving session. Dev was supposed to scoop guts, but decided that he did not like pumpkin guts, so the camera got put down and I had to do it. :)

Now on to our costumes!
 Its Mario and Luigi! Aren't they adorable?!

We got about an hour's worth of trick or treating in before Dev was puking again, but they did get some candy. So all was not lost. :) The mustaches even made it for most of the time. Good effect of the mustaches? The whole thing was  sticky so it kind of tape their mouths shut. :) Not an intended side effect, but the boys did enjoy wearing them. :)
Ok, well that's all I've got for today. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a quick and easy graphic pillow with you guys!

See ya later!


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