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New shoes and times.

So I had to buy some new running shoes and in so glad I did!!!! I got last year's Nike Pegasus from my local running store and I'm happy that they were on clearance and only $75 but more happy that the guy helping me actually listened to my laundry list of aches and pains. These shows are super comfortable and even though I forgot my knee brace today my knee is not bothering me. Yay!!!

So another thing that I love is that I ran my fastest mile today. 11:12. Not that that's super fast or anything but what I love is that I didn't kill myself getting there. My pace was a nice even kilter that I was able to maintain through out my run. Love!!

So that's my check in. See y'all later.

1 comment:

  1. Fastest mile??? Go you! My fastest is still just over 13 minutes, so that's an awesome time in my book. Wish I could wear Nikes, my feet are too fat. LOL

    Keep at it.