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Christmas Tree Time!!!!!!!

Wow, funny how time flies when you have a GAgillion things to do. Luckily, I am now on the home stretch. I've only got 2 gifts left to make up and they're not hard. I have a dress to make for myself, because all the girls decided that this Xmas Eve we're getting gussied up! So really, I have whittled away at my plate of things to do, and now its time to show off the trees of the house!

I'll start with the kids tree. Its up on our balcony and shines through the top most center window of the house.
 This year, I put the kids' ornaments all on the white tree, and I love how colorful and bright this baby is!
 These are some vintage ornaments that Mom gave me from family down in FL. I love how pretty they are. I don't like how delicate they are, but the boys know not to touch Mommy's trees!

 Here are the melted crayon ornaments that the kids and I made earlier this year. I really love how fun they were to make.
 These are a a couple more ornaments I made. The green one is just beaded garland that I glued to a styrafoam ball and the sequin one was easy to do, but long on time to complete. Never making the sequin one again......

Now lets take a quick stop in the boys' room to show off their two little trees. Harrison so very kindly took this picture for me.
Not much changed this year on those trees. The boys have gone to sleep for the past month looking at them though. :)

Now down to the dining room. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the purple in this room? I love the red accents, and I love the new silver and gold scheme for the Christmas decor!
I went for streamlined with the stuff on the buffet. I haven't decided if I'm going to use it for Christmas Eve dinner, so I figured I better not clutter it up!

 The chandy needed some love this year too. Love shatterproof ornaments!
So there's the tree with lights and the flash on. She's all silver, gold and white, and I am in love with her!

 Here are some of the ornaments from last year. Still love them!

 Here's my helper, at least one of them. I can't pull out the camera without him wanting his picture taken. Such a ham!
 Here's the tree all lit up at night. I love the soft glow she produces (she could use a few more lights though!)

On to the family room tree! Love this room!!! This year has been different than past years, because I actually edited and threw away ornaments. Change is good!

 The paper pinecone was a freebie from Silhouette awhile back, and the paper stars from an earlier post.

 Here's the tree in all her glowing glory. She got new lights this year. Big circle bulbs that are amazingly bright!

Here's the mantle. Love the simplicity of the mantle this year! I'm also super excited about stuffing those stockings!

 Here's the sofa table. Still nice and simple. Oh and some new chalkboard art. I had a lot of fun making all of chalkboard art.

 And our message center all decked out with a tinsel wreath, some cards, the advent calendar and some art from the big guy. Kind of chaotic, just like we usually are. :)

Don't worry guys we're almost at the end of this picture-laden post. There's only one more tree to showcase.
The Big Guy!
For some reason this tree looks not quite right. I even added ornaments. I think it needs a bigger garland. Oh well, I always need projects for next year.

 The other side of the room has got the stockings and some small decor stuff. The room is not very big, so cramming all of this stuff plus the extra furniture takes some doing.

 This is another vintage ornament from the stash my mom gave me. Love the patina on it!

I almost forgot! There is one more tree!
I hung one of my small trees upside down from the kitchen chandy! Love!!!!!

Ok so that's the house, and I am now going to bid all of you adieu until sometime after Christmas. I'll be sharing the big guy's birthday party! And some of the things I created for gifts!

See you guys later!


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