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So much to post about!

Have you guys ever gotten on a tear with projects and then feared  not having enough time to post them all? How about fearing not having enough time to finish all your projects so you spend all your time crafting or cleaning or both?

Yea. I'm there.

I am hopefully going to be able to show off the house this week, and I'm super excited to do it, cause I made some changes to my usual Christmas decor this year, but first I'm going to share a new tree skirt!

My old tree skirt was literally falling apart. So on a trip to Hancock Fabrics I found some great quilter's fabric and churned out this pretty. The fur didn't hurt either. Love the fur.

There's really not much to this skirt. I didn't have a pattern. I winged it from the get-go. The bottom is a 42" square and the top is a 36" circle. I recycled the beads from something or other.

I love that neither fabric is Christmas-y but that they totally work for this tree! I also love the whimsy of it.

so there's my new tree skirt. Hopefully I can get my act together and get some pictures of these trees!

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