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Getting back to it.....


Christmas took a whole bunch out of me. I got a crap ton of things made and I will be sharing, but first - I kind of need photos of everything I made, durn it! I knew I forgot something.

Then New Year's. Oh lord did New Year's take a toll on the family. We're finally recovering from a nasty cold that hit the family New Year's Day. So much fun.

Then there were the round of appointments. Eye doctors. Nutritionist and our GP. Luckily, everyone has a clean bill of health, even if the boys were angry most of yesterday evening at me, because  I opted to have them get flu shots. You'd have thought I was killing them - for over 2 hours - yesterday with all the racket and complaining they did.

So I'm going to share stats on my guys, cause I can. I'm their  mom and its my blog and I can gloat and brag a little if I want to. :) My big guy turned 7 on the 27th and I just can't believe  it. He's 7!!! Where the heck  has time gone??? Anyways, so here are the stats.

Harrison is a whopping 41" tall and finally weighing in at 32.2 pounds. He's 91% for height, but had been 17% for weight, and the nutritionist visitor. We can't get him to gain weight. He weighs what he did at 2. He's grown, a lot, but he's just getting skinnier. I can see that he's starting to chunk out in places which is good, but we've got to stay on him about getting the good fatty calories in him.

Devlin, on the other hand, is still huge. He came into the world huge and he's still  that way. Although, I don't have an accurate height measurement on him because he won't stand up straight when it comes time to get measured. We had his cardiologist appointment back in the middle of December, and all checked out. He's got a murmur back, but the Doc said that it was an innocent one. It was just turbulence in his heart because its still growing. The membrane is still stretched across his left atrium, right above the mytrial valve, but its only about the width of floss. So nothing to do about it, but still monitor it. So he's weighing in at 67 pounds, but at the card. appointment he was 51" and yesterday at his well child he was 52". I seriously doubt he grew a full inch in 3 weeks, and we'd have a better number for his height if he'd had his heels against the wall and was standing up straight. So he's 94% for weight and 97% for height. We're finally not off the charts!

Here are the boys and Dana at the Natural History Museum on Dev's birthday. Love the whole bunch of them!!!!


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  1. Your not alone with the skinny boy. I have super skinny, one has NO problem eating a cardboard box! Anyway Mr. Bones will be 8 in April and has been 46 pounds for a few years. He is growing and is well, but just will not gain weight. I have tried everything shy of a nutritionist. I was very tiny as a young girl and my husband was skin and bones through HS. Good luck on the weight gain!