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Measuring Up!!!


I made you all some cookies!!!!
See??!?!? Aren't I sweet? Yea.....they're not really for you guys. They're for my boys, the little ones, because they asked nicely and now the small one is asleep on the floor. Its going to make working out interesting. He's right next to where I usually get my work out on. Fun times.

So anyways, on to the real post. I've had this project done for a little bit, and I'm still lovin' on it. :)
 I made a gigantic ruler!!!! Love it!!!

The best part was the it was stupid simple to make. Just take an 8' board and stain, paint, do whatever you want to it, and then stencil on some numbers, make your hash marks and then let dry! I used Rustoleum's Sun Bleached stain and just some black acrylic paint.

Believe  it or not, but the ruler is actually hung just about right. Its like 1/4" off or something like that, which is perfect for getting a fairly good idea of measurements for the boys!
 There are my two sweeties' measurements! Its only a small gap. :)

I decided to hang the ruler right near our front door and two-story foyer, because, well, there was room, and it showcases just how tall our ceilings are. I am really loving the stain color too! I may need to find more things to use this stain on.

I hope you guys having a rockin' V-day and come back to see what Dana's whipping up this week!

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  1. Love the giant ruler :) You did a great job! Thanks for sharing and linking up to Monday Funday!

  2. This would be super cute in a craft room!