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Sharing a Room

So a while ago, after Christmas, we moved the boys into the same room so they could have their space plus a play area.

Then in February, we found out we were pregnant and the play area was then going to have to be returned to a bedroom. That transformation will have to start soon, but in the mean time they've been enjoying it.

Here are a few pics of the boys' new room.
 This is from the doorway. We've got 4 dressers total which provides plenty of storage for all of their clothes

 Here's just a close-up of some of their wall art and where our guinea pigs live.
Here are the bunk beds, freshly slept in. The beds are not as tall as normal beds, which was one of the concerns we had.
Here's Dev's laptop and desk area. The orange table was a table I had down in the family room, but its perfect for holding wii games.
 Here's the sign I just finished for the boys. Hopefully they take it to heart, because honestly that's most of the reason they get in trouble.
These wall figures were made by the boys' great-grandfather. I had to put them high, so the clocks in them would stop being played with. Luckily the boys still love Mario and Yoshi. :)

 Tomorrow I'll share more on the sign, and then I've got some updated pics of the room that will be baby sister's nursery!


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