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Holiday Open House - the Main Level

Well its finally here! There is a week or so before Christmas and I'm finally sharing my house with all of you.

There were a lot of changes this year from years past and I'm really happy that I shook stuff up.

So with out any further ado, here's the house!

Here's our family room this year. I am loving all of the different touches of Christmas this year. Harrison was a huge help in putting up all of Christmas this year. He's just as fastidious as I am about ornaments. :) I changed up the tree topper this year for this tree. Instead of putting up my usual glass finial, I took all of my dogwood branches and pheasant feathers and created a nice crown framing a woven bow and a cardinal. I love how it looks.

 I wasn't sure this little Christmas tree was going to get put up this year, but I'm glad I decided to put it up. I simply filled a vase with some grits and then plopped her into it. Added some red, gold and copper accents and then added some little touches to the rest of the table.

Going into the dining room, the crib mattress support is donning the white tinsel wreath again along with the few Christmas cards we've gotten so far. The boys put up their letters to Santa as well.

Into the dining room we go. I love this room this year! All the silvery and gold goodness!

 I didn't add the star topper to this tree this year either. I like the Vegas showgirl effect that I've got going on. I pulled out the white iridescent decomesh for this tree and then added the berries and feathers. This tree breathes glitter. I can't go into this room without coming out glittery.

Decorating the buffet this year was a bit of a challenge, because I didn't know what I wanted to do on it. So the decor here just kind of evolved.

To the lamps I added some simple crocheted snowflakes that I made. I like how the simple touches throughout the house this year really add a little something extra.

The table was another conundrum. what to do with it. The flowers got placed there as a way to get them out of the way when Christmas was just getting pulled out, and there they stayed. I decided I liked them there. Then the silver and gold accents were added to it. I like how I've got little elements from elsewhere in the house spread all over so that everything is cohesive.

For the first time, I decorated the radio that's in the dining room. The extra elements got put on it, but I like how it all turned out.

Now into the living room and the big tree!

This tree was a pain in the butt this year. All my lights died on it. 11 strands. How does that happen!?!? So I went and bought 600 lights and wrapped them around and scoped out the new tree for next year. This tree is going on 10 years old and there's a 9 foot tree calling my name. :)

 I changed up  a lot on this tree this year. I edited a lot of stuff and added a bit of stuff. Starting with the tree topper. More decomesh! I actually found this decomesh after the tree was up and ornaments on it. I took off the tree topper I had up and replaced with with the spikey bow I made and then topped it with the new glitter mesh bow and the old tree topper. I do love all the glittery goodness!

After I added the spikey bow, the ribbon garland needed something so I added these small spikey bows around. I like how they add a little oomph.

Here's the coffee table. I switched out the bench and this table, because the bench allows us to have more room for baby stuff in the family room. Its a little tight in this room, but it works. The finial from the family room is also in this room as apart of some table decor, and the red bows scattered around were from the banister decorations from last year.

 Here's the banister! Love all the colors going on! You might notice that some stockings are different this year. Of course, Reagan's new (she's the pink one), but we lost our dog, Jackson, this year. He died in July, and we all miss him terribly. I opted not to put out his stocking, because his loss was especially hard on the boys, but we have our husky ornament on the tree in his honor.

 The end of the banister got a simple wrapped garland wreath and another red bow. Then I added the spikey gold bow, because it needed something more. There are also pine cones hanging from the newel post.

The back of the front door got decorated this year too! I even added some butterflies that didn't make it onto the family room tree. I love the little unexpected touches.

I hope you guys enjoyed!


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  1. I love your tree! I love those hemp-ish ribbons!

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