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Holiday Open House - Upstairs

There is so much Christmas going on in this house, that I decided to split the posts up into 2.

I'll start with the kids' big tree. Its the only tree that I really didn't change that much this year, altho now I'm thinking that some purple garland will look fabulous!

Here's Reagan's tree again, with the tree skirt! Oh and more lights! Yea, I found a strand of pink lights that were begging to be added to her tree. I have a sickness. I can't seem to stop altering my trees after they're 'done'.

And here's the boys' tree. They helped decorate it, and it fits their room perfectly. There are two strands of colored lights on the tree. One blue and one green, plus the white lights that came on the tree. This tree puts off a lot of light!

 Harrison helped me hang ornaments. He's got ornaments hung off of other ornaments. At least they're both lightweight. Their tree topper is also one of Harrison's creations.

 Most of the tree is filled with shatterproof ornaments from Walmart. A necessity with these guys.

Harrison is making sure the tree is just right. I think it passed muster.

This is what happens when you take pictures of boys. They want to pose for a picture and then they won't sit nicely. Oh well. They're still cute.


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