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Snowflakes, Anyone?

What is it that when you bust out certain materials the creativity just seems to pour out of you in a great river? The popsicle sled ornaments from a few days ago spurred such an occurrence.

Harrison was playing with some of the sticks, before I let him have the glue and he created this simple snowflake. Its so small and sweet, just like Harrison ....... when he's sleeping. I wanted to make more. So I busted out some larger snowflakes - not knowing what the crap I was going to do with them. Everyone does that right? Make something or several somethings without fully knowing just how they're going to get used? I can't be alone in this.

Well after all the snowflakes were dry, I decided they needed something. Out came the same gold GlitterBlast from the paper dahlias. Seriously, love this stuff!

 Trying to capture the glittery goodness of these things is hard!

Then my snowflakes sat on my dining room table for a bit. We had Thanksgiving dinner in our kitchen, because the snowflakes were on the dining room table - waiting. Then I got inspired. I was perusing and their plethora of design ideas for Christmas and I was struck by lightening. I knew exactly what I was going to do with my giant snow flakes.

So how do you like them now? I love them! I love my mantle this Christmas. I love everything about it. Do you?

I guess its about time I got to showing off the rest of the Christmas decor. Get ready!

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