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Onesie Mania!

What happens when you're motivated and inspired? You start churning out clothes for you and the kids in record time. Its a shame I haven't learned how to control time, because there is seriously not enough time in my day to work on everything that's floating around in my brain.

I'm going to show off 3 onesies I've made for Baby Rae today, but I've got 4 more in the works, plus shirts for the boys and I'll be showing off a shirt I altered for me tomorrow. Told ya, I've been busy.

Ever since we found out that Baby Rae was, well, going to be Baby Rae, I've been planning. Planning on everything that I want my sweet baby girl to wear. I blame my mother for this condition. My mom sewed for me. Lots of things, lots of dresses. Its my turn now! So here are the onesies I've churned out so far.

 This onesie was inspired by I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar.

 Everyone has seen the necklace onesies. I just did mine in metallic gold paint. No frills.

 This one was inspired by some of the vintage images on The Graphics Fairy! I printed out the light bulb and then copied it onto the onesie with my trustee sharpie. I added her initials to the light bulb just because. :)

I can't wait to show off what else I've been up to.

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