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While I'm waiting.....

So while I'm waiting on the iron to heat up to I can iron some fabric for the Little Miss, I figured I'd write a quick post about some more shirts I altered.

This alteration is for me, and I love how it turned out!

The inspiration for this shirt came from {HERE}
I don't normally 'do' hearts but I like the cross-stitched nature of this one.
 (I can hear that my iron has reached temp, but I'm not done yet!)

So I just followed her tutorial and used heart no. 3, on Rae's onesie I used heart no. 1

So here are just some silly pics while I was trying to get a decent picture of the shirt. Selfies are hard sometimes. Doesn't help that I didn't realize there was schmutz on the camera lens on that first one.

Apparently, I also had a thing for stripes this year. Whelp there's my first V-day shirt for me and it even has a heart. I may have to cross-stitch more crap on shirts. It was quick and easy. Oh yea, and total cost for this project was $7.30. Not to shabby!


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