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Family Plaque

When we found out our family was expanding, there were a lot of emotions. There were even more emotions when we found out our newest addition was going to be a girl.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my boys more than life itself, but a girl was new and a little bit daunting. Boys are easy, comparatively.

Either way, one of of the first projects I completed that included our updated family names was this plaque.

Family Plaque

It's really not hard to do.

I started off with scrap wood from some other project.

I stained it. While the stain was drying, I worked in Photoshop to create the monogram and our family around it. I just played around with things until I liked it all. I printed off my creation on printer paper.

After the stain was dry, I took a pen and my printer paper and pressed really hard so that the wood was indented. I made small dashes all the way around the "B" and then just drew the lines for our names.

Time to bust out the sharpies. I had some oil-based silver and gold sharpies lying around, so the "B" go the silver treatment and our names the gold. I did outline our names in black. It made them pop a bit more.

Its really that simple.

Hope you guys enjoyed today's super simple and sweet project. Have a great weekend!

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