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Pattern Review - McCall's 6124

I'm back with another sewing pattern review!

Do you guys have those patterns that you keep returning to, because they're just right?

This is one of those patterns. I can't recall how many times I've made a shirt or tunic from this pattern.

This time I did change it up though and made a shirt dress. I did have to alter it (dang hips), but I was also trying to copy a dress I saw at Target that I liked.

I think this pattern is easier than your typical shirt pattern. There's no yoke, the princess seams make it super easy to alter, and the cuff and sleeve portion doesn't have a continuous lap to fool with.

I am going to apologize for the pictures. It's incredibly hard for me to get my whole person in a photograph all by myself. I ended up utilizing light switches and other things I could lean my phone against to snag the pictures. They're not great, and I apologize but you are getting the two pictures that are the best from the whole set. I need a better photographer.

So here's the dress I was inspired by.

This one has pockets, which I didn't want, and the back has a yoke, which really didn't make any nevermind to me. I liked the dropped back length. Not happy about the length, but really it's not surprising. There is very little for sale at any store that doesn't look like a mini-dress or skirt on me. While aggravating, I do understand it.

So from here, I took out my pattern and got to work altering it. Based on my measurements and accounting for what the pattern added for ease, I determined that I needed to add 3/8" to each piece at the hips. I didn't add extra to the center front line, so I ended up gaining 4.5" all around the dress between the remaining 7 seams.

My hip adjustment ruler has really been earning its keep lately.

I also needed to add length to the pattern. I ended up adding 4" to the front pieces, and 7" to the back pieces. I like my dresses to fall at my knee which is 24" from my waist.

The pattern sewed up ridiculously quick, and one of the only real sticking points were the buttons. I couldn't find any buttons I liked! Thankfully Mom was there to help me out, and we ended up mixing up the button sizes. Thank goodness for moms.

I made my dress out of flannel as well, but the sale I snagged at the fabric store I ended up making this dress for about $18, which is $10 cheaper than what Target sells it for, and it's tailored to me.

I haven't yet decided if I like the lowered back. I may still whack that off and just have a typical hem. Otherwise, I really like the dress as it is. The flannel is warm and cozy, and the dress is oh-so-comfortable. Especially for those days where you just don't feel like fussing with a whole lot. I guess it's time to finish up the asymmetrical jacket I'm working on so I can share that next.

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  1. I admit I haven't sew in awhile much less use a new pattern. This pattern did sew up quickly. etc. BUT Measure extremely carefully. I did and even went up a size.The pattern fits like a you can't really move in it. Newer patterns are a closer room to move. reaching for something on the top shelf in the grocery store will be a stretch..i might be trying to find my old patterns in larger sizes. I'm 67 and started sewing when I was 13. It is a very attractive fit and I like it..but not for comfort.

    1. I always check the pattern ease, because sometimes the pattern companies don't add enough, and sometimes they add too much. The nice thing about sewing for yourself, is that you get to know how you like things to fit, and eventually altering the patterns to suit how you like things to fit becomes second nature.

      I don't usually need to alter patterns in the bust when there are sleeves set in them, but if it's a halter or has straps then I always need to add a 2nd dart to my bust area. I also usually have to increase the underarm seam to 1" and then ease it back out to 5/8" towards the waist.

      I'm so happy that you stopped by and dropped a comment, and I hope to hear about more of your sewing adventures.