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Pattern Review - New Look 6303

Well now that it's after Christmas, I seem to have time again.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm also eschewing things I should be doing today, because I don't feel that hot. Baby Girl must not feel very well either, because she's behaving like me. Either way, I'll take the snuggles she's handing out. 

So I got the blouse I mentioned in my last pattern review completed. I should've gotten the post up after I wore it the first time, but I'm glad that I didn't, because I ended up wearing it again. 

It's a versatile blouse, not mention that it's a classic look. I was originally going to make view B, but decided to make view C, while I was cutting it out. 

I do kind of regret my fabric choice. The polyester dupioni is lovely, but it's a bit to stable a fabric. If. I make this pattern again, I think I'd go with a fabric that has a better drape. Chiffon or charmeuse would do wonderfully. 

If I'd been able to find the color or pattern in either of those then I would've done that, but when I was shopping for the fabric, I had a hard time finding the right shade of blue or even a pattern I liked. 

The pattern sews up pretty quickly, and is fairly straightforward. The only dicey part is when you're constructing the front, because you fold it, and you need to make sure you have the correct side as the right side. Both sides of the front are technically the right side of the fabric, and the only way to recognize one side from the other is to look at the fold and which side, left or right, is on top. 

The hubs and I clean up pretty nice!

I wore the blouse again for our neighborhood Christmas party, and paired it with some black skinny jeans. It was a very comfortable outfit for the evening. 

Excuse the mess in the last picture. Our bedroom is a dumping ground during the holidays. 

Overall, I really liked the pattern and its construction, but like I said, next time I'll pick a lighter fabric so that it drapes a little better. 

See you guys later! 

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