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The Monday Report - Reflections

Well I had a super awesome post written, but then I forgot to save it, and now I'm left with zip! 

Time to start over. 

Actually. Me forgetting to save my awesome, slightly bitchy, mostly keeping it real post is a a good thing. I have to start it over. Start over.

Funny that we're about to start a new year. Let's start over the year! 

So rather than getting wordy and a little uber-critical of myself, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. 

The Hills of 2015
PR'd a half and a 10k

The Valleys of 2015 
I didn't hit a sub-2:30 half

The Reflection of 2015
I didn't hit my goals because I didn't commit and discipline myself like I had in 2014. I kind of breezed through the races in the later half the year. Not performing at Nashville really knocked me around, especially after DC went well. 

Moving Forward
Get back on my eating track. Stop going back for seconds. Secondly, stick to my training. It's there for a reason. I've already got a plan picked out. I run three days, and crosstrain two. I need to focus. 

Well there it is, again. See you guys next week. I'm going to finish enjoying winter break with my kids. 

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