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The Belated Monday Report - Week 1 Spring Training

I wrote this post yesterday, and didn't get the pictures edited until today. Oops.

The Monday Report

Happy Monday everyone!

Did everyone have a great week/end? Everyone is home on this MLK Jr. Day, so I'm hoping to get my run in, but it may not happen.

With everyone home, and the basement getting put back to rights today, there's just a lot to do. However, all is not lost. While I've been working away in the basement, I've been incorporating core and strength exercises into the work. 

Oh you want to paint that spot a little lower? SQUAT! Keep that core engaged. You want to move over to that spot over there, but you're sitting on the floor? Core engaged and haul yourself up, because you don't want to get paint everywhere. You're still holding the paintbrush and the paint cup. 

Basic moves like that. I'll tell you I can feel where I've worked. That and painting for as long as I have been, will do a number on your anyways. 

So without digressing much further here's the rundown for last week. 


RunDown Collage

Monday - Great, quick little 30 minute run on the treadmill. I set the treadmill at 5 mph (12 m/m) and just went. The pace might've been a bit easy, but maybe not. I felt great after the run, but did feel like I could've pushed a bit more, even for an easy run. 

Tuesday - Took cycle at the gym, and can honestly say, I enjoyed it. I pushed, and didn't falter. I actually think I might've found my rhythm in spin. Great class. 

Wednesday - Another quick 30 minute run. Upped the pace to 5.2 mph (about 11:45 m/m), felt really good. Even included some 30 second jab sessions while running. Sang the whole time, and when I didn't know the words, I jabbed some more. 

Friday - Supposed to be Pilates, but ended up measuring, cutting, and installing moulding on the built-in. Made sure to keep my core engaged, and my back straight while doing my squats. Kept a neutral back while bending over to make my marks, and the core engaged while cutting the pieces. 

Saturday - Supposed to be a 30 minute run, instead I spend all day painting. I did coach the boys' basketball games, so that gave me an hour of pacing the court, but I did a lot of painting. I ended up painting for 8 hours. The first coat of paint went on very slowly. 


Motivational Moment

Nail all of my workouts. Getting in exercises while working is not a bad thing, but I need to stick to my plan. Funny, that I type this as I fret that I won't get my run in today. Luckily, I dont't mind doubling up on a day, or switching around my rest days. The basement needs to get done. My exercises need to get done. There's a lot that NEEDS to get done. 

Keep at it with my eating. I did slack off towards the end of the week, but it's a new week. Time to get disciplined. 

Dont't over schedule my schedule. I have a bad habit of overloading my schedule with projects. We have a lot to get done in the basement, and I don't need to be adding to that work by adding on more things. Stick to the plan down there, otherwise I'll stress and I don't need that. 

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