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Fit 4 Thursday - Throwback Edition

Fit 4 Thursday

Some journey's don't require you too look back. Most people don't like looking to the past, but when you're on a journey to get healthy, lose weight, or achieve a fitness goal, looking back is good for you.

It reminds you about how far you've come. It's been a rough week in the Boyajian household. Over the weekend, Small Fry went down with a stomach bug, and then Tuesday night, Baby Girl got hit with the same bug. Small Fry was kind enough to suffer during the day. We only had one incident at night, but the hubs and I were still awake. No biggie. Baby Girl, on the other hand, was stricken with the nasty bug about an hour before hubs and I went to bed. It was a long night. A very long night.

Garmin said I got 4 hours of sleep. It lies. I might have been lying down for 4 hours, not continuously, but there was not a lot sleeping going on. We moved Baby Girl into our room, so we could better hear when we needed to take her to the bathroom, which was a fine idea. Our bed didn't get puked in, but she was sick multiple times throughout the night. I think I finally fell asleep around 5 am. The hubs didn't fair much better.

I am still recovering from that horrible night of sleep, which has me whining about my run later today. It's only 4 miles. It's not a big deal, but it is.  I want sleep too, but I need to keep with my training. The miles will get done, but they won't be pretty, which is why I went looking for inspiration.

I found inspiration on my old fitness blog, Muffin Top, in a post titled: Popped my Cherry.  It was just the kick to the motivation I needed.


Well I did it. I finally ran outside with the fresh air, the sun shining and the squirrels scurrying around. It was wonderful and difficult at the same time. The route I took is near my house and is not flat. There are flat sections but that's it. Even considering the inclines and such I still avereged a 15:24 pace for the length of the run, which I think is pretty impressive considering that my knee and calf were giving me some problems. 
I really need to figure that out. I may try to stop by The Running Store today to figure out my gait and possible solutions.  We'll see how the day pans out. Both the hubs and my big guy have flu-like symptoms but so far me and small fry are doing ok. *knocks on all the wood she can find* 
In other news, I'm down to 278!!!!! That's 18 pounds baby! Yes, I'm slightly ecstatic about this because I'm also starting to see it. I mean really see it. The belt is getting pulled tighter and the butts of my jeans are really getting baggy. Not to mention that my arms are firming up. I'm so very pleased with myself. 
I'd still like to hit the gym to get in my weight work but that might wait until tomorrow. 
Toodles y'all!

Reading that post this morning, reminded me of how very far I've come, what I've overcome, and that even if today isn't my best run, it'll still be better than what I used to be able to do. I remember feeling so proud about getting faster than a 16 m/m, and the steadily improving. If I remember correctly, 3 months from when I posted this, I was down to a 14:20 m/m. I was only focused on 5k's at the time, and that seemed like such an accomplishment. It was. I don't mean to imply that running a 5k isn't an awesome thing. It's incredible, but for someone who now has her sights on a sub-2:30 half marathon, it's humbling to remember where I've come from. It's also a reminder that nothing comes to those who don't work. I worked my tail off to get my times down. I worked my tail off for the first half. I worked last winter, and PR'd DC. Then I didn't work. I skated, and I missed my goals.  I have no one to blame but myself.

It's time to get out of the rut I find myself in, and put the work in again. 2:30 is out there, and it's mind for the taking. Sometimes it takes 2 steps backwards to make that giant leap forward.

Happy Thursday All!

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