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Simple Painted Vase Update

Don't you love when you can easily change things up? It really took no time at all to take this vase and make it like new again.

Such is the case with this vase.

The vase started off looking like this.

It wasn't a bad vase, it just didn't stand out in the built-in. It was a bit overwhelmed.

It's fine up there on the top shelf, but it lacks pizazz.

The new paint job says, "Look at me!"

Luckily that new paint job was a super simple job.

So I originally altered the vase {HERE} with Mod Podge and food color, so cleaning it off the vase was as simple as setting it in a sink full of warm soapy water and letting it sit for a few minutes and then just peeling/scrubbing the colored glue off. It was messy, but easy.

After drying the vase off, I went out to the garage, and my super awesome high-tech spray booth, an empty cardboard box, and sprayed a couple of light coats of antique brass on the whole vase. In between, coats I did flip the vase over, just so I could get full coverage on the curves. There were 3 coats in total sprayed on. Then I let that dry for about 30 minutes, because I'm impatient.

Next came the red acrylic paint. This was literally the easiest thing ever. I painted the bottom portion of the vase, while watching the boys play one of their video games, and then I added a somewhat heavy line of paint near the top of my newly painted section. Wipe off the brush, and pull the paint that you left on the vase towards the top. You're just going to feather what was left behind on that last go round.


One updated vase, that maybe took an hour's worth of time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this super simple update!

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