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The Monday Report - Week 7

Happy Leap Day Everyone!

Oh, it's also Monday. Well, that's not so fun. 

This week's recap is going to be short and sweet, because AF showed up and really messed up things. 

When I was in high school, AF used to grace me with terrible cramps and nausea, but I haven't suffered with that stuff for forever. Until last week. 

Holy wow, did AF knock me on my ass. Labor was easier. Seriously. I even gave birth to a 10+ lbs baby, and I'd gladly go through those 18 hours again if it meant not feeling like I did last week. 

I'm hoping it's a fluke. We'll see next month. Oh the fun we have as women. Seriously, I think we've paid a thousand times over for the sins of Eve. 

Today is a new week, so let's just get to the meat of the post.


The Rundown Collage

Tuesday - I went to spin expecting to have a great class, but I was greeted with a substitute teacher. Ok, that threw me off my game again, but I did still have a decent class. The new teacher was very good, but you know how you get used to one teacher's style and that's what you've come to expect from your favorite spin class? Yea, it's not fair to the new teacher, but human. The class was good, and I worked out different stuff and did try new stuff, but sometimes you just what what you're familiar with. 

Sunday - I went to bed Saturday night not feeling very well, so I was worried about running the next morning. I went to bed early and then woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the run. The plan was for 10 miles at the battlefield. I met up with a fellow MRTT'er and had a really great run. Maybe not great in the sense that we ran the whole time and never got tired, because I got tired. I was very dehydrated, and hurting everywhere. Thanks AF. Stupid head. My friend inspired me to keep going and not puss out after 5.5 miles. I didn't, and I'm glad she was there to push me. I needed those miles, tough as they were. She's training for her first marathon and I know she's going to kill it. I'm hoping to be able to survive the half. I'm not so sure how I'm going to fare, and there won't be mud to blame for slowing down. The average pace for the run was 14:00. 
Mile 1 - 13:12
Mile 2 - 13:50
Mile 3 - 12:57
Mile 4 - 14:54
Mile 5 - 13:11
Mile 6 - 14:52
Mile 7 - 15:19
Mile 8 - 13:32
Mile 9 - 14:31
Mile 10 - 14:22
Mile 11 - 12:27 (.32 miles)


The exact same as last week.


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