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Fit 4 Thursday - Micro Goals

Welcome everyone!

You know what's funny? Rituals. Rituals are sometimes funny.

Example - I'm running 12 miles on Sunday, and I've run 12 miles before. I've run further than that, yet, because this is the first time I've run 12 miles this year, I'm a bit of a head case.

I don't know why. It's really quite stupid. I know I can run 12 miles.

This is where micro goals come into play. Micro goals are small goals that you can set for yourself to motivate you or help through a tough spot in your training. I use them all the time. I've used them for my entire journey.

When I first starting running again, I set micro goals for my runs. Run to the school, and then you can walk until the next mailbox. Then run until the stop sign and then walk until the curve. I didn't have a schmancy fancy watch or set intervals. I didn't even know that what I was doing was a fartlek, but I do remember feeling so dang proud that I managed to accomplish that small goal.

I still need this trick, not to get through the run. Now I usually imagine all the food that's going to taste so good when I get done with the run, but getting my head into the game is sometimes a harder feat.

So I was talking to Dana the other day, and she mentioned that she has a 10k mission to run on her zombie run game thing, and I exclaimed (without thinking) that we could run a 10k together. I'm supposed to run a 10k on Friday (per my training plan), but have decided to combine the 10k run with Saturday's 60 minute run, and just do them both on Sunday. I told the hubs he could have Saturday for golf. I'm a good wife. So she says yes! We should absolutely do that. and when she's done running, she can talk me through the rest of my run. I do have 12 to do, after all.

Wait. How's this gonna work? I don't know that we've quite figured that part out, but hey! We've got a long-distance running date on Sunday that I'm super excited for!

This date also has me wondering if I could run the 5k in Nashville with her, and then follow up with the half I'm already running afterwards. I can do it, but do I want to? I feel like that stupid runner enthusiasm is rearing his annoying head. You know the enthusiasm I'm talking about. The euphoria you feel while planning on your races, and then subsequently when you finish those races, and then you sign up for more races. That feeling is what I'm talking about. How badass would it be to bang out a 5k and then knock out a half?!

I need to simmer down. We have also planned on going to a wine festival after the races, cause what's better than running for 2+ hours? That's right folks, drinking after the fact. You know, like I wanted to do after Diva. I may still be a bit bitter over that fact.

So there's my little trick to get out of my head. Micro goals. Sometimes they work, sometimes I'm too far into my head, and my poor husband has to deal with me, but right here, right now, I'm super excited about my little goal of kicking my sister's ass in our 10k on Sunday. BTW - I don't know that she knew it was going to be a competition, but honestly... she should've.

See you guys later!

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