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Rockin' Art for Small Fry - Free Printable

So a few weeks ago, we updated Small Fry's room {HERE}, and he decided that he wanted a Rock 'N Roll themed room.

Awesome! I can totally work with this. So after getting the bones of his room together, it's was time to start thinking art.

Small Fry had some definite ideas about what he wanted for art. In his old room, we had painted 4 luma's, star creatures from Super Mario Galaxy, on 12" square canvases. We recycled these canvases for the new art. He decided that he wanted song lyrics on the canvases. 

Ok, which songs? He's got an eclectic taste in music. He likes the dance club songs I like to work out too, but he also likes classic rock. He choose Yellow Submarine, Rock N Roll All Nite, and We Will Rock You. How awesome is my kid? 

He also saw a "Keep Calm and Rock On" image that he liked, so that was our 4th canvas.

Now, that we had a plan, it was time to hop into Photoshop and create some magic. Small Fry helped me pick the clip art he liked for the Keep Calm art, and then he had final approval for the band/song artwork I came up with.

I wrapped each canvas in chrome duct tape. I like the shininess and it works with the other shiny metal elements in his room. It was also easy. 

I printed each artwork out and then cut the page down. The art ended up being 8.25" square, so I centered it inside each canvas and adhered it down with some double-sided tape. 

It still needed something. I found some yellow washi tape that I thought would work as a frame for the art, but it wasn't bold enough. I did find some narrow black duct tape on another errand, so I picked up a roll. I figure black is always a good choice for picture frames. 

I was right, the black duct tape really set off the art against the chrome tape.

All that was left was to hang up the artwork. I decided that I didn't want the artwork anywhere where the kids could reach it, so I staggered it around the shelves we had already hung. 

Small Fry was so excited that the artwork was up, now he's telling me he needs more. I told him that I'd be on the lookout for more Rock 'N Roll art. 


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