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The Monday Report - Week 8 and February Review

Hello all!

I totally forgot to do the monthly recap last week, but I guess I can be forgiven, because Monday was technically the last day of February. 

I wish there were more stickers in place on my training calendar, but it is what it is. I am the only one who can change how that training calendar looks. I will say March is off to a much better start. 

Week 8 was a good training week. I need to start going to yoga at the gym, or doing it at home. I can feel my muscles need a good stretch. Going to the gym will probably be the better plan. There are so many distractions at home, not mention having to clean before I can even get a good stretching workout in is my go to excuse. 

I should go to barre this morning, but snuggling with Baby Girl while I write this post is a much more enticing tableau. I keep saying I'm going to do T25 Stretch, but that hasn't happened. 

I'm digressing, but in reality it's ok, because I feel really good about the effort I put in last week, and I'm feeling really good about this week and the half on Saturday. 

It's not going to be my best, because I haven't put in the proper work, but it'll be a baseline for the year. I've got 4 halfs this year, and Rock 'N Roll DC is the first. 

So without more prattling, let's get to the meat of the article.


Tuesday - I texted my friend early to see if she was teaching her spin class. If she was, I was going, if not...... Yea, we'll leave it like that, but she was teaching, so I was on the way to the gym. Class was hard. My legs were tired, but I still pushed. I didn't go as far as usual, but I feel like my effort was there. We played with our watts during class, and that adds a fun/hard element to class and I more than doubled my watts when I was supposed to. 

Thursday - I got in a quick 2 miles, and while I was running it started snowing! Not a lot, but enough to make it difficult to run with my head up, because those stupid little flakes kept getting in my eyes. It was a nice quick outing though. It felt good to get out and stretch my legs. 

Sunday - My training plan had me running a 10k and then running for 60 min the next day. I decided to combine those runs into one day. It was supposed to be fairly decent weather, but I wasn't prepared for the wind. The forecast said it was supposed to be like 2 mph winds, they lied. As a result I didn't dress right for the 10k portion of my run. I started off the 10k a little fast, but knocked out 2 miles before I knew it. Dana called me just after the 2 mile mark to start her 10k. We chatted the whole time and listened to her zombie game. If I were into zombies that app would be super fun to incorporate into my running, but zombies are not my thing. She; however, is super invested and I love that. She gets so into it, and that enthusiasm really helped as I was slogging up a hill headlong into the wind. My arms went numb from the cold. She and I discussed a costume change for me when I finished this portions. the last 2 miles of the 10k were run heading into the wind - the entire time. Less than fun, but Dana made it fun. I finished the 10k in 1:12:50, 11:44 mm. 

After I finished the 10k, Dana still had a few miles to go before she finished, so I went back to my car, and put on my long sleeved shirt (the one I just made!) and adjusted my idiot earbuds. My earbuds were giving me fits during the 10k. The 2nd part of my run was supposed to be 60 mins at an easy pace, but I forgot to charge my watch, and after the 10k, I had 13% of my battery left. I decided that I'd do the 4 mile loop around the car, and hope and pray that my watch lasted. Dana finished up her 10k when I was about a mile into the 2nd run, and I was so excited for her. It distracted me from the fact that my arms were still chilled, and my legs were beginning to get heavy and cold. She stayed on the phone with me during the rest of my run. I tried distracting her while she did her upper body exercises, and then we discussed our favorite stretching poses. Pigeon is the best. During the 2nd run, I took 30-60 second breaks at the beginning of each mile to eat and hydrate. It did help keep me going, and the slight breaks were lovely. By the end of the loop, my legs were really heavy and cold. It was a struggle, but Dana was cheering me on. I think if I hadn't gotten chilled I would've been much better off. I felt fine, even still had energy. I ended my run at 1% battery. Luckily the watch saved the run, and it never did die. I put it on the charger when I got home. I ended up running for 50 minutes. 12:35 mm. 

So here's the breakdown of the splits:
Mile 1 - 10:51
Mile 2 - 11:00
Mile 3 - 11:35
Mile 4 - 12:05
Mile 5 - 12:06
Mile 6 - 12:37
Mile 7 - 12:32 (.22 miles)

Mile 1 - 12:02
Mile 2 - 12:34
Mile 3 - 12:42
Mile 4 - 13:03


  1. Keep calm about RnR DC. I'm not going to PR, and that's ok. 
  2. Keep to the training. Trust in the training. 
  3. Continue to eat and sleep well. I've been better about both of these things, and I'm seeing an improvement everywhere because of it. I just need to stick to it. 
Well there's the recap. Cheers everyone!

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