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The Monday Report - Week 9

The Monday Report

Last week was a wonderful week. I didn't get all my workouts in, but the ones I did were awesome. The week also ended with me running the Rock 'N Roll DC half. It was also amazing, but that's tomorrow's post. So without too much ado, here's the recap!


Tuesday - Today was spin. I really do love spin. It's become one of my favorite cross training activities. Class was fun and I didn't push myself as hard as usual, but I did focus on my form and breathing. Worked up a really nice sweat by focusing on quality rather than quantity. 

Wednesday - Took Baby Girl out in the stroller today. My plan was to speed walk and maintain a 14 m:m during the 4 mile loop. that didn't last long. I got out on the beginning stretch and thought to myself, why don't I just do a slow jog? Nothing to strenuous, but something a little more difficult than this walk. So I started a light jog, and finished that first mile about 12 min. There were no rules for this run. I just wanted to be out in the sunshine. Keeping it fun and light. I wasn't trying to push myself too hard, or break any land speed records. I walked when I needed to and ran when I felt like it. I made sure to focus on my form so I didn't strain my back. It's the first time this year I took Baby Girl with me. The 60 extra pounds, between the stroller and girl, really changes the workout. I ended up with a sub-13 pace. I couldn't have been happier. I plan on taking baby girl out again this wee
k. I have new shoes to break in. 

Saturday - THE RACE! I'm going to keep it short because I'm writing up the review of the race tomorrow, but it was amazing! 


  1. Get more yoga, Pilates or dedicated stretching in. 
  2. Go to bed by10:30, and get up at 6:30.
  3. Continue to trust the training. 

Be sure to come back tomorrow to read the review of the race. It's probably one of the happiest races I've run. 


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