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The Monday Report - Week 14

This week started off full of gusto and starry-eyed wonder, but then it came to a crashing halt.

I have decided that I can't run in my new Brooks Transcedence 3's. Despite the large toe box, the mesh cage that makes up the support for the shoe rubs against my bunions, and after a couple of miles it starts to hurt. I don't have this problem with the Brooks Ravenna's, but I did with the Brooks Adrenanlines, because the Adrenalines have a leather support strip that also runs over where my bunions sit. 

Having bunions is such a joy. So while I'm annoyed at having paid a lot of money for shoes that aren't working out for me, all is not lost. I'm going to transition the shoes to walking/cross training shoes. They are still super comfortable, and they should last me a while. 

My Ravenna's still have some life in them, which is good, but they won't last much longer than RnR Nashville. They have 215 miles on them, which means I'm looking for shoes again. This time I'll stick with the Ravenna's. 

So now that I've recapped my shoe decisions, let's get to the recap!


Tuesday - Went to spin. Had a great time, and really pushed. I upped my sitting max gear, and felt great. Totally forgot to take a picture at the gym, so there's my oops selfie. 

Wednesday - Met up with some fellow MRTT mamas and ran 4 miles with 3 kids in tow. Two strollers do not fit well on the paved paths. Oh well. It's extra exercise, right? Great run, but had some bunion pain. 

Sunday - I was originally going to run 14 miles, but with the problems my shoes were causing, I decided to alter that plan. I put some new insoles in the shoes, and planned on 6 or so. I figured that'd be more than enough to test the shoes and insoles. Unfortunately, 2 miles in my bunions were not as happy as they could be. I slow my pace, and focus on my form. The left bunion starts to feel slightly better, but the right one is still angry. At 3 miles, I stop. I sit down in the grass and relace my shoes, while muttering about stupid inherited foot problems. After relacing both shoes, I start back out and the right foot starts giving me problems again. WTF? Argh. I'm getting tired of this damn shoe. The left one feels good, but the right one feels like I'm strangling it. I stop again and relace the right shoe. I decided that I needed to cut this run short, because I was running out of time. I still had church to get ready for. So I cut my run down to 4 miles. I relace my shoes again when the run is done. That feels a bit better. I power walk back to the house, and grumble the whole time. Not the best run ever. 


  1. Keep to the plan. RnR Nashville is in two weeks. 
  2. Sleep!
  3. Eat smart. 
Well there it is. Let's bring on Taper Week! 

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