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Pattern Review - McCall's 7127

I'm back with another stash-busting project. I had no idea I had any of this blue knit left over after I made myself a night shirt. I'm glad that I found it though, because seem to be in dire need of new shirts. Apparently my tastes are turning away from your basic t-shirts and tanks. Go figure.

So this is a pattern that I've made before, but I didn't use a stable enough knit and I don't like how it fits. I also didn't realize just how short the body of the pattern was. That was a rookie mistake on my part, I should've read the back of the pattern envelope and seen that it was short.

So this time around, I lengthened the shirt by 3" and used a more stable knit and love this shirt now! The construction of this shirt is pretty straightforward. This shirt was another shirt that was able to whip up during nap time.

I would say that this shirt would be a beginner pattern, but not a fresh out of the gate beginner pattern. Having some experience with basic construction would be a bonus, given how the back is is constructed. I will say that the version I made was the most simple. Some of the other variations do get a smudge more difficult.

I really like how versatile this top is. It can go from casual to dressy in a snap. My only wish is that I hadn't spilled dinner on it, because now its in the wash. Dang it. I should really work on being less messy. I'll blame Baby Girl, because she was a snotty-mess last night and wanted to be held while I was trying to eat dinner. I have a hard time telling my babies no when they don't feel tip-top. 

Have a great weekend!  I'll be back next week to go over my lack luster training week and the third top I knocked out. Hopefully, I can find some buttons for the current project so I can get that one done. I need to move on to a fun outfit for my sister! 


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