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The Monday Report - Summer Training Begins

Hey all! 

Man, summer is really messing with all aspects of life, but I'm determined to get back to some sort of schedule. I'm 2 weeks into summer training and it started off rough, but week 2 was better. I am dealing with some foot issues, but nothing so bad that it's going to stop me. Dealing with plantar fasciitis for the first time has been eye-opening, not going to be outdone, the right bunion is chiming in. No more flip-flops for this girl.

So training started on June 28, and I started off so well. I ran 3 miles while chatting on the phone with Mom. It was hard. It was hot, but given that fact I think I did ok. I mean, I did take 3 weeks off, so it's going to come as no surprise that I wasn't at peak performance. Still a great run, despite having to remind myself that I'm not going to be where I was. 

Then a whole week goes by, and I don't do anything more. The holiday weekend screws me up and I eat like crap. Great job on that first week of training. I did start weighing myself weekly. I gained 7 pounds in 3 weeks, but then managed to lose about 4 pounds that first week. Yay for water weight! I didn't gain or lose anything the next week. I'm chalking that up to a win.

Over the weekend we started moving the boys' rooms around and there were some mishaps, and my heel/ankle had part of a bed dropped on it. Then the plantar fasciitis started acting up. Fun times! Oh well.

I made it to spin class the next week, mostly because my friend was dressing up like a superhero. It was also just an excuse to not make up an excuse to miss class. It worked. I biked 18.5 miles and worked.

The next day, 3 miles was on the docket. I was supposed to wake up with the hubs and go running before the heat of the day. Apparently, I've become an alarm-turning-off ninja, so I ran mid-morning. So hot. So very hot out. I brought water with me, and drained it all. I had to walk a bit during the run. I am not conditioned for this heat. I forgot how much I dislike running in the summer. I miss winter.

I started playing with different hairstyles. I like the headband braid the best, because it acts like a sweatband. I just wish my hair didn't get so frizzy. Yay for curly hair. Not really.

I begun debating cutting my hair off again, because all I do is throw it up in a ponytail, because I don't like it in my face, but I digress. The rest of the week was spent working on finishing the boys' rooms and then starting on my sewing room. Unless you count moving, cleaning, and painting exercise then nothing else got done until Saturday.

The boys and I went on a scout hike up Bull Run Mountain, and had a blast. Oh and they got to test out their first aid knowledge, because my ankle rolled during one of the rocky sections and I went down. Hard. Stupid ankle. Oh, I'm going to die of an infection if I were left to the care of my scouts. Not really, but my boys are apparently weirded out by the thought of having to clean up blood. I did a quick and dirty job of cleaning out my knee on the trail and then a more thorough job at home. I did a really good number on it, but it didn't detract from our hike, and we ended up walking 2 miles and having a great time. We saw a box turtle, the remains of an old ice house, and the Chapman family cemetery. We also found a beech tree that's been autographed many, many times.

Sunday evening found my Big Guy and I running between Pokecenters at the battlefield. I will say that it was entertaining to run between the various game things. We ended up doing 3.5 miles, at a slowish pace, because both of us were nursing injuries. Big Guy bruised his ribs while we were camping, and I had my feet and knee bothering me. Still it was a great run, and I got to spend some nice, quality time with my Big Guy. I wouldn't trade that for the world. We both found it amusing at how busy the battlefield was with pokemon players. Yay for a video game getting people out into the world! We were also shocked at how little the deer in the park cared that we were there. We came across several packs of them grazing, and they could have cared less that we were there. It was pretty cool. 
My favorite part of the evening came after we'd finished and he was running around getting the various pokecenter things, and he stopped to admire the statue of Thomas "Stonewall"Jackson and he told me about his field trip to the battlefield earlier this year. We then turn around and the sun is setting against the horizon of Henry House and the Blue Ridge and it was just gorgeous. Big Guy stops mid-sentence and just stares. He said it was gorgeous. I love that he sees the beauty in nature and what's around him. I wouldn't trade that moment for a million bucks. 

After we got home, I spent my evening watching TV with the hubs and nursing my feet. They were not as happy about the trail run. They weren't bad, but definitely annoyed. It probably didn't help that I rolled my ankle again on the trail early into our trek.

I don't know why I seem to be afflicted with clumsiness, but I'm really over it. I'm also really glad that Monday is my rest day. I confess that wearing proper shoes has helped my feet immensely, but oh how I miss my fun sandals and flip-flops.

I'm excited about the next week, because of the pokemon game, the kids want to go for a hike tonight. I never thought I'd like pokemon, but right now, I'm glad that it's inspiring my kids to get out there and see stuff. It's also been pretty amusing to see all of the people out and about with their phones. I just hope they remember to look up every once in a while to admire the beauty that's always been there.


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