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Pattern Review - Simplicity 1372

So I've totally had this post written for over a month, and forgot to publish it. Whoops! Well here is the next installment of the stash-busting clothing sewing.

Here's the third top I knocked out last week. The top is basically a version of a pillowcase dress. I opted for the variation with ruffles, because ruffles. I had this gauze lying around for ages. I got it several years ago from mom, and it's just been sitting. So as a part of the great fabric purge I decided that the gauze would be perfect for this pretty, feminine shift.

I did cheat a bit. I didn't feel like hemming the ruffle so I just ran the edge through the serger with a slightly darker shade of olive green thread. 

The biggest conundrum with this fairly straightforward pattern was when it came  to stitching down the back to the sash. It doesn't tell you exactly where to stitch so you kind of have to play around with the fit and drape of the top on the sash to get it right. The sash also seems especially bulky, but it does flatten out a bit. I may have stabbed myself several times while trying to get the tie just right. I call it sewing acupuncture. 

The top is very comfortable and sews up very quickly. The ruffle version is a bit more difficult than the other variations of the top, but it's not overly difficult. The simpler version of this top would absolutely be a great top to start your sewing skills, but the ruffled variation should be done by someone who's maybe still beginning, but has gained some confidence.



  1. Sewing acupuncture? Is that what it's called when I step on a pin?

  2. It could be. Could also just be a warning system to not enter the sewing room. Similar to a mine field. :)