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The Monday Report - 2 Weeks Away

I love that school is back in. I hate that summer-like weather is still here. Doesn't Mother Nature know that it's September!? Cool down already. I am looking forward to winter training. In other news, my running is getting much more consistent, and I even joined an ab challenge. Abs after running might be the worst thing ever. Running is easier than working on your abs.

I will also say that I am forever grateful to the amazing women I've met through MRTT, because without them, I don't know that I'd be as dedicated with my running, now that I'm having to do a lot of it with Baby Girl in tow. Stroller running is not nearly as fun as regular running, but it is a better workout, right? There's always a silver lining.

Anyways, back to the post at hand - the review of the week. Let's get to it!

Tuesday - The hubs worked from home, and I took advantage. I went out and got in a quick 3 miles. It was hot, and I lost my sunglasses somewhere between Sunday and now, but the visor worked. I only had to walk a bit at the top of a long sloping hill, but it wasn't more than 10 seconds worth, and it did the trick. Such a nice recovery run. I was behind on my ab challenge, so I ended up doing 3 days of it after the run. Luckily, one of those days was a rest day, so I really only had to do 2 days. It was difficult. Those dang reverse crunches. Hate reverse crunches. It's all for the greater good, right? More toned abs and all that jazz.

Thursday - I was going to run on Wednesday, but the deluges we were having did not seem conducive to running 4 miles with a stroller. So I bagged that day, and went out on Thursday with a fellow MRTT'er. I'd love to say that we ran, but really it wasn't a run. It was a jog, walk, die a little outing. It took us longer to finish this run than it did on the first day of school. We were dying. It was ghastly outside. Summer is clearly not done with us yet. We did come across some wildlife, and Rae enjoyed meeting him. The snap we took of him is in my instagram feed {HERE}.

Sunday - 9.5 miles around the first loop of the battlefield. We did the full loop the first go round, then shortened it up the 2nd loop. There was walking, there was running. We managed an even 14:00 pace, which is not bad considering it was warm, but the breeze felt marvelous and my hips are starting to act up. I'm so glad my friend puts up with me. I did make sure to really stretch out my hips after I got home, and after I got part of the evil ab challenge done. The left hip, especially, was super tight and pigeon felt amazing. Amazing if screaming silently while your hip gradually loosens is your idea of amazing. It is for me, in this instance. It was a bit dusty on the trail, I didn't realize how much until I took off my socks and shoes. I guess I haven't grown up that much,  because I still like playing in the dirt. For some reason I feel very accomplished by seeing how much dust I kicked up and then wore all the way home. I should maybe think about walking around barefoot in the summer. The flip-flop tan is strong this year.

So that's my week. I'm getting excited for the race, and I'm looking ahead to The Parks 10K in November, and then onto winter training. I've been mulling over training plans and the like, and I think I might've decided on one. I am still going to be doing some research, but I think I've narrowed down my options.

Thanks for visiting!

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