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The Long and Short of Rock 'N Roll DC!

So last Saturday was my first half marathon for 2017, and boy is there room for improvement!

Not that I had any delusions that I'd be getting a PR this race. I've been lazy and dealing with foot troubles most of the winter. I also didn't make a lot of good decisions that maybe would've helped my time either. I clocked a 2:58:48, which is not my slowest half, but the slowest half was preceded by a 5k so that one gets an asterisk.

Like I said, I made a lot of dumb mistakes, and I know better, but even if I was disappointed in my decision-making capabilities, the race was still awesome.

I had terrific company, and my friend even PR'd her half time! Of course, she finished about 20 minutes before me, and had to wait in the cold, but that's what friends are for right?

So the morning started off blisteringly cold, and I layered accordingly. Unfortunately, by the 5k mark, I was dying, so I took off a layer. I regretted that decision about 4 miles later, because the wind kicked up and I got chilled, and never got warm again.

I also should've taped by right bunion, but I didn't so by the 5k mark, I was starting to feel it, which changed my gait, which my ankle didn't like. Fun times! I also should've put my insoles in my shoes, but I didn't, so let's chalk up another spectacular decision making fail.

I told you, I made a lot of stupid decisions this race. You'd think I'd never done this before, but alas this was my 9th half. Complacency at it's finest, I tell you.

So despite all of my bad decisions I had a a blast with the bands, the spectators (who, by the way, are more badass than we are, because they weren't running. They were standing in the freezing cold cheering us on!), and seeing old and new friends.

We ran into a friend of a friend just before mile 10, and they came all the way from NM! It was her dad's 75th birthday and he was crushing the course!

Oh which, reminds me! They changed the course this year! I don't like the change! Do you hear me Rock 'N Roll? I don't like your stupid course change. We didn't run over Memorial Bridge towards the circle at the base of Arlington Cemetery this year, and I missed it. Granted the winds on the bridge was we ran over the Potomac would've been brutal, but it's so picturesque that it's worth it.

I tried out some new race gear and was dismally disappointed by it. Hubs got me some race dots for Christmas, and they didn't hold my bib in place. I don't know if it's because I move to much, or just what, but the magnets didn't seem to hold very well at all. I ended up losing all but one of my magnets before the first mile was through.  I've contacted the company, and am awaiting a reply back. According to their website most emails are responded to in 24 hours, but I wrote them on Sunday....

Back to the race, so the bands this year were awesome. Everyone was embracing the suck and it really was like a party atmosphere at some of the stops. Also seeing the United Airlines signs for how far various destinations were was fun. My favorite bands were the drum band between miles 7 & 8, at the corner before we made the turn to run along the reservoir before we got to Howard University. Also, the band that was Adam's Morgan, who sang Nancy Sinatra, and changed the lyrics to these boots were made for running. Thank you!

The finisher's area at the end of the race was way more chaotic than usual, and that's saying something. I didn't get any food, but I did get hooked up with water, chocolate milk, and gatorade, so all was not lost. I did love that they had the changing tents again this year, because I made use of them. I brought an entire new {warm} outfit to change into, because even though I was cold most of the race, I still sweated through spots, and by the end of the race I was frozen.

I packed slippers, and fleeced leggings, yoga pants, thermal shirt, and another fleece hoodie. My friend brought hand warmers and foot warmers, because she's the very best ever. Oh and wool socks. Lovely warm wool socks. I was super comfortable after changing, but slow moving. Very slow moving.

So that's my recap. It was my slowest half ever that was not preceded by a 5k, and I had a blast. I've taken this week off from running and nurtured by toes. I bought new insoles for my work shoes, and I've stretched out my poor muscles. Monday starts the the training for Nashville. I hope this one goes better, but hey at least the plan looks oh-so-pretty in my journal.

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