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Plan B - Holy Nuts!

So yesterday I showed you guys my window art {this post}, and I was quite happy with how it turned out. Then I hung it on the wall and I couldn't get it too look quite right. Then I started wondering how the heck I was going to get the main attraction {for this season} to hang correctly on it. So I went back to the drawing board, but before I get to  that I want to share my other project for the window.

Ever since I started blogging I have wanted to make a wreath for inside the house, but I did not have a good place to put one because of where I had put our art. So this started a long thought process over what I wanted to put above the mantle. Then fate stepped in and I ended up a with a bunch of windows, which I am thinking of selling some of them so if you're interested email me.

Oiy, I'm getting off topic, I'm so scattered brained today so back on track. A few years ago I saw a nut wreath in Martha's magazine {I think} and I have wanted to make it since then so without further ado.....On to the show!
I started off with an 18" styrafoam wreath form and  painted it brown.

Then the nuts came out. This was not one of my cheap projects. The nuts were $4 a pound and I probably have 4 lbs of nuts on the wreath. Unfortunately, when I bought my first bag of nuts I only had 2 lbs. So back to the grocery store I went, but if I hadn't had to get more nuts and just sat down and glued them down this project would have only taken a couple of hours.

I started off with just hot gluing the nuts to the front of the wreath then I filled in the sides.

After that I hung up the wreath with some ribbon I had around the house.

So what do you guys think? Does it make a nice statement? I think for Christmas I'm going to exchange the pale green ribbon for a big, bright red ribbon. I'm so excited for this project because I love how it all came together. Although I did also buy some looking glass paint to paint the back of the bottom window, but now I'm not so sure it needs it. What do you guys think?

Tomorrow will start the pillow tutorials that I promised, but if you want a sneak peak then you go check out my etsy shop, HERE!

Have a great day guys and go out and craft something!



  1. Love the wreath Heather. Maybe a little trompe l'oeil on canvas to attach to the back of the window that you could change out with the holidays or seasons.

  2. It looks great! Is it heavy? I have seen different nut wreaths.

    Visiting from Domestically Speaking
    Maka'z Home

  3. That's a great use for nuts! I love that it'll be appropriate for a long time...the windows look great, too!

  4. Found your blog through Remodelaholic!

    We're nuts over your idea. We did an acorn wreath similiar to this, but haven't seen nuts before!

    Great work!

  5. This is so great...I've got to get busy and make a wreath already. Thanks for the inspiration and for linking to SFS! -shaunna :)

  6. I LOVE IT!!!

    I would love if you would link it up at my little talent tuesday party at

    mucho love!

  7. What a fabulous wreath! Beautifully done! I love hanging wreaths in front of old windows or ceiling tins.

    Looks amazing!

    Happy Holidays!

  8. I love this hanging over your windows. It looks perfect. Somehow a brighter wreath wouldn't have looked so good against the old paintwork.