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My Spring Mantle

So with everything going on, I totally forgot to decorate for Momma's Day, but at least the house will look nice for Dad's day! :)

Oh but I'm also going to need ya'll's help. You'll notice something missing. So here's the family room right now. And yes, all of these pictures were edited to hide the mess!

Did you see what was missing? Look at the paper cone wreath.

Did you remember? Yep, the Moss B died. It committed suicide, and scared the children in the same process. I could fix the B but I don't know if I want to put it back up there.

What do you guys think? What should go up there?

While you guys think about that, here's what the tv area looks like now.
Those flowers had been over in our butler's pantry area, but now they're going to hide the subwoofer.

What do you guys think? Hopefully Harrison will leave these alone. :)

Have a great day guys. I'm off to visit the dentist :-/



  1. I saw your spring mantle at TCB. You did a beautiful job! I love all the little details that you've added.

  2. i love this mantel! you did such a good job with everything! i also love the colors you used...that green is my favorite color! i made a very similar wreath!! great minds think alike! haha