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Showing off Independence 2010!

This year's patriotic colors are not quite done yet, and I'm suffering some major TMJ pain these last few days, so I'm pulling this post out of the attic. I hope you guys enjoy!

So every year since we moved back to Virginia, Stephen and I have hosted a 4th of July party - until this year. This year my Mom and Dad have graciously offered their home and land for the party. It also doesn't hurt that their  neighbor has ever-so-graciously allowed us to watch his fireworks display.

That being said, my house is still going to look patriotic on the 4th and that's what I did today. Gave her a quick make-over and finished some lingering projects. So here's what she looks like now!

Here's the new wreath. I've never had a 4th of July wreath. I used to be a 4+1 wreath person. 4 seasons + Christmas. I don't think Stephen is going to like this if this is the new trend. :)  I also ran out of fabric for my rag wreath, so I wrapped the open spot with jute, then found some clearance flowers at  Michael's. Added some ribbon and VOILA'! Perfection. I'm really digging the drape-y flowers. :) Thankfully I now have my kitchen desk back, because that's where the wreath sat until today....

The tiered serving tray has had the silver ribbon garland wrapped around it since Dev's first birthday in '06. Its very festive and easy. :) The red table is a project that's still in progress. I need to finish it's doors. :( Bad Heather. 
 The table is all dressed with no one to feed.....Sounds like a bad song to me :) 

The centerpiece is a strawberry pot filled with red hibiscus, blue foil stars and the picks. I remember seeing something similar to this in Martha Stewart a few years back. She had red carnations in white pots. I worked with what I had. :) 

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